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         [TAPE SLITTING]

Double axis central surface cutting machine

Application scope


It is suitable for all kinds of trademark paper, plastic film and paper. (also can be selected with tape section)

Features of equipment

The 1. power part adopts three sets of motor linkage control, and the take-up control system can make the tension and slip axis speed control.

2. the unwinding part is separated by shaft, equipped with automatic tension control and EPC automatic deviation correction device.

3. The tension of the reel is controlled by individual sliding, and the slip is adjusted automatically to make the tension of each reel less than BR.

4. the finished product is removed, equipped with a conjoined gyrant and auxiliary discharge, which saves time and effort and completes quickly.

5. is equipped with an upper and lower round knife transmission.

Purchase and purchase

1. no shaft type discharge seat: lifting arm axle less clamping material, shortening feeding time and improving efficiency.

The 2. connecting table: this device can make the interface more smooth and save material loss.

The 3. cutting tools can be selected as industrial flat knives and upper and lower circular knives.

technical parameter

1. mechanical width: 1.M 1.3 M / 1.6 M

2. maximum diameter of raw material: 1000 mm

3. minimum finished product width: 5 mm

4. finished product diameter: 500 mm

Inner diameter of 5. pipe core: 3 "(76.2mm)

6. mechanical speed: 0-180 m/min 

7. power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3P

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